I discovered Cranial Release Technique about 3 years ago. It is taught by Dr. William Doreste (www.cranialrelease.com). It is a specific technique that takes only one minute, but it does more for your body than anything I’ve ever seen. It balances right/left brain and function so your body has the best chance of healing itself. It releases stress immediately. It makes any modality that I follow it with, much easier to do. Therefore, it saves me a lot of work. e.g., when the body is relaxed, it is easier to accomplish getting muscles to relax whether it be massage, cranial sacral therapy, or whatever. There are videos on YouTube at CRTDOC, where practitioners share results – which are unbelievable. I have many unbelievable stories myself if anyone wants to email me or call (www.MassageNaplesFl.com). I would urge you to check this out.