I believe the most important situation in the massage profession today is actually at the end of the client’s session. First, I offer the client a fresh glass of water because they may have been lying on the table for 60 to 90 minutes and could be dry in the mouth. This also shows the client you are going an extra step in their health. Second, explain to the client the importance to drink lots of water to assist their body in flushing out the metabolic waste. Third, mention the focus of your session on their body and point out to them any improvements they may have from the session. This is your best way of identifying the benefits of massage and to encourage them to re-book. As the client are still in an emotional state this is your best time to get them to rebook as they are feeling better from the session they just received. You can also enquire into whether they have a limit of insurance that can be dedicated to massage and calculate for them the frequency over 1 year that they could come for future sessions under their entitlement. Occasionally, I get asked how often the client should come for treatment and I explain that if they eat well, drink lots of water and exercise / stretch, the frequency can be managed within insurance limits. This shows that you aren’t just chasing a quick buck but are acting in the client’s best interests.