When more massage therapists change their mindset from getting more clients to helping more people, they will begin to earn more money. We reach more people by getting out of our offices or homes and into the schools, nursing homes, churches and businesses to share with people how great massage is. Sometimes our school’s version of the benefits of massage is too therapeutic to get the average Joe to understand he needs our service. We must share our healing message with as many people as possible in the language they speak. Our intent must be to enhance the quality of life of each person we connect with, then abundance will flow our way. That includes clients. In short, I suggest each massage therapist choose a target group she has some familiarity with and teach them the benefits of massage on a weekly basis. As the number of people she teaches grows, so will her number of clients. The icing on the cake will be getting paid for each presentation as it is fine-tuned, and word gets out about how the information shared truly changes lives.