Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) This is not an opinion, it is fact. I’ve witnessed so many medical conditions that greatly benefited by massage therapy in my 16 years of operating a medically oriented massage clinic. However, since I can, I will share a family/personal experience. My youngest daughter “Dawn” was injured in a tragic auto accident at age 16, (7/11/87) whereby the car she was a passenger in left the road hit an embankment flipped, throwing her and her friend from the auto, the automobile landed on her chest crushing it and collapsing her lungs, leaving tire marks on her forehead, creating a left temporal lobe fracture, broken ribs and fractured facial bones. Dawn was in intensive care, totally unrecognizable for 3 full months, later in a deep coma for an additional 6 months. (Actually awakening on Easter Sunday, acknowledging by head nods that she recognized each family member and friend as their names were mentioned. (Truly an OVERCOMING!) During the time she was in ICU the doctors and nurses kept warning my friends to be there for me to support me as they just “knew” she would not live through this. I know the constant faith of our family, friends, patients, referring doctors and lawyers was the biggest part of her recovery. I and her LMT sister continued to work on her every single day, 2 – 3 times a day while she was in the ICU. When she was moved to a brain injury center, I hired an LMT to provide massages 3 times a week (after fighting our way through the PT Department, getting the lead head injury doctor on our side). Thank God our private insurance paid for all of these treatments. The very day she was to be air lifted from the ICU to the brain injury center her attending neurologist asked her to squeeze his hand. She did not, but gently snubbed her nose, indicating she regarded him as a jerk as he slung her hand aside saying, “she’s not going anywhere”. A Chiropractor friend witnessed this action saying, “this girl has spunk and will survive”. Later this same day her lead Neurosurgeon said, “Vivian, let me tell you, If it were not for you and your family, working on her daily, keeping the faith, she would not be in this great of a condition, in fact, all odds say that she would not be here at all.” When we visited her for the next year and a half 3 times a week we worked on her entire body, in addition to the 3 times a week the LMT treated her. You see, most brain injured patients go into a fetal position, often ending up with permanent hand, arm and/or leg damage in that they draw up and are unable to stretch their legs, arms and/or hands. Another deficit is often the inability to regain long and /or short term memory. Dawn has, to this day, not lost long term or short term memory. While she cannot walk, feed herself or perform any ADL and is not always able to audibly vocalize, she is everyone’s love and is such a pleasure to care for because of her outstanding, outgoing personality and sweetness. Yes, she often shows her goofy, joking and kidding side which keeps those around her laughing and kidding back. We are presently unable to provide massages every week, noticing a slow and obvious deterioration in her body. This saddens me and we worry about her future without these necessary treatments, treatments that we performed so long and faithful to pull her through this far. I still give her a good massage workout, which she looks forward to, when I visit her 4-5 times a year in Daytona Beach FL.