To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, Expert Advice, in the May 2011 issue. Article summary: As we stretch ourselves, reach to expand our practice and create more prosperity in our lives, it’s important we understand the role our own mindset plays in the experiences we are having right now—both positive and negative.

by Kelly Robbins

Developing a prosperity mentality is the foundation of success for your practice. You can take charge of your beliefs and thoughts by becoming consciously aware of your thoughts and taking specific and deliberate actions to morph them into supportive, loving and focused thoughts.

When you notice you’re sinking in anxiety, depression, doubt or confusion about your practice, know your focus is on what you don’t want. Consider this a red flag that you need to mindfully return your focus to the qualities, behaviors and actions that uplift and excite you.

Here are a few personal exercises to help you recognize your beliefs about money:

1. Write down the main qualities that come to mind when you contemplate how your parents relate, or related, to money. What did they teach you through their actions? Can you identify any harmful themes that have been passed down to you? Feel free to write this in a personal journal over several days and weeks.

2. Write down, by decade, your experiences with money throughout your life. What was your family life like when you were a child? As a teen? In your 20s or 30s, and on?

3. Read the following statement: “As a massage therapist, I deserve to make a healthy, six-figure income. There is no cap to my earning potential. I value making money just as I value the service I offer to my clients.”

How do you feel after reading that statement? Do you embrace this statement wholeheartedly? Is there a part of you that resists it? What is the belief that causes you to resist it? Journal about your beliefs and put attention on your desire to embrace this statement about prosperity.

Understanding your beliefs about money and prosperity is an important component of changing them.

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