Orange Skye Day and Wellness Spa in Red Bank, New Jersey created a new membership program in response to the country’s recession. The program makes it affordable and convenient for guests to continue to enjoy regular spa services. It’s no surprise that businesses are seeing a tumble in sales due to the economy’s economic status.  Often times, first cuts include what consumers perceive as luxury services such as spa treatments and related beauty pampering.  A New Jersey wellness center owner asks, ‘when will consumers see the true health value in spa treatments and not just their monetary value?’

It is an undisputed fact that spa services like massage therapy bring priceless health benefits to those who experience their pleasures.  Relaxation, often thought of as a luxury, is now considered a mandatory element necessary for navigating through life’s daily stressors. 

Maggie Paterno owns Orange Skye, a wellness spa for adults in Red Bank, NJ (  Although the facility is centered around massages, facials, body treatments, etc, Maggie says she hates to use the words ‘spa’ or ‘pamper’ when referring to her center.  “We have converted a 100 year old vintage house into a breath taking environment where relaxation and de-stressing is at the core of everything we do.  We don’t consider these services to be pampering, we consider them to be a vital escape from the anxiety and pressure many Americans face in today’s ever-changing world.”

Maggie raises a valid point when she asks if ‘yoga’ is considered a luxury?  Surely most consumers do not consider yoga to be a luxury.  “Yoga is relaxing, it feels good and there are many health and physical benefits to the mind and body,” says Paterno. “The same is true of massage therapy, body treatments, facials, etc. Our mantra is ‘Services for the Mind, Body, and Soul’, and we truly do touch the souls of everyone who walks through our door.”

In an effort to help consumers incorporate these much desired treatments into their lifestyle, Orange Skye crafted a clever membership program which allows members free access to their favorite spa treatment on a monthly basis and well as valuable savings on retail purchases and future services. 

The VIP Lifestyle Membership offers members an opportunity to pay a low monthly fee which makes regular visits to the spa affordable enough to be a part of anyone’s personal health and wellness routine.    Members pay a monthly fee of $59.95 which grants them one of four free treatment options each month:

·         60 minute Swedish Massage

·         60 minute European Facial

·         Two Seasonal Treatments to choose from will be offered each month

The above services are full hour treatments that typically could cost up to $85 a session.  The lifestyle membership also includes 10% off all retail purchases, as well as a member-points program where points are earned for every dollar spent.  The points can be redeemed for a variety of services offered at Orange Skye.

Complete information on the membership program is available at