Reflexology for Neck and Shoulder Tension, by Kristine Kaoverii Weber, MASSAGE Magazine Self-Care TipThis simple technique won’t wear you out. If you are too tired or sore to give yourself a neck and shoulder massage, try the reflex zone in your hands.

Pinch the area between the fingers, then thumb walk down the edge of the thumb to the palm. Continue for about two minutes. Repeat on the other hand.

This exercise:

  • Aims to relieve neck and shoulder tension
  • Can be done several times a day
  • Has no known contraindications; and
  • Is also beneficial for general overall tension, ulcers, whiplash, headache and fainting.

Excerpted from the book Healing Self-Massage: Over 100 simple techniques for re-energizing body and mind, by Kristine Kaoverii Weber