EDMONTON, Jan. 21 /CNW/ – Alberta is currently considering the regulation of massage therapists. Implementation of regulation that makes it more difficult for massage therapists to work in their chosen occupation anywhere in Canada will threaten compliance with the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT). Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canada’s Premiers and Territorial Leaders signed the AIT at the recent First Ministers’ Meeting on the economy.

The Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), which represents over 72% of massage therapists in Alberta, has made a formal application to the Alberta government to honour the AIT and implement regulation of massage
therapists under the Multi-Category Model for Massage (MCM). The proposed MCM regulatory model recognizes the diversity of massage therapy training across all Canadian provinces and provides the opportunity
for massage therapists to move from one jurisdiction to another by providing multiple points of entry to practice.

Under the MCM, massage therapists from other jurisdictions could undergo a competency assessment and be placed in a practice category according to their capabilities. Only three provinces in Canada currently regulate massage therapists (B.C., Ontario, Newfoundland & Labrador). Each of these three provinces recognizes only a single tier of massage therapists. All other provinces in Canada do not regulate massage therapists. Almost 2/3 of Alberta massage therapists cannot work in their chosen occupation in provinces that have regulated under single tier systems of regulation.

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