Professional Liability Policy for Reiki Practitioners

Reiki practitioner covered by reiki insurance
  • Professional & General Liability Insurance: $2 Million per occurrence; $3 million individual annual aggregate 
  • Product Coverage: $2 Million 
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage: $1,000 *$250 Deductible
  • Rental Damage Insurance: $100,000
  • Identity Protection Plan: $25,000 

Get insurance coverage from a company trusted by bodyworkers for over 30 years!

Reiki and Bodywork Services Covered

  • Reiki
  • Energy Balancing
  • Tuning Forks
  • Asian Bodywork Therapies
  • Feng Shui
  • Massage Therapists
  • Chi Gong
  • Cranial Release Technique

Bonus Benefits Included

In addition to the limits listed above, we also offer 200+ Continuing Educations hours for FREE and a FREE professional website when you purchase a professional liability policy with us. 

  • Free NCBTMB Approved CE Courses 
  • Free Professional Website
  • Exclusive Membership Discounts
  • Instant Coverage & Proof of Insurance

Why Do Reiki Therapists Need Liability Coverage?

It is important to consider that, although Reiki and other forms of energy work usually do not involve physical contact, accidents can still happen that may be beyond your control. If one of your clients slips and falls in the lobby, falls off a table in your office or some other unforeseen event takes place, you will want to know that you are covered for these types of legal claims.

A claim can also arise if a client believes they were harmed by your lack of skill or competence, whether or not that is actually the case. An example would be, if a client came to see you for a Reiki session and later believes that your therapy caused aggravation of a existing injury, they may decide to file a claim against you for damages. 

A single insurance claim can cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees alone. Risks to your professional career are a reality and can be protected by an affordable Reiki liability insurance policy from Massage Magazine.

Whether your state regulates Reiki and requires you to have insurance or not, having coverage can give you peace of mind that expenses will not have to come directly out of your pocket, if a client were to file a claim against you. 

What Type of Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

When comparing liability insurance for Reiki, it is important to note that not all Reiki polices are created equal. You will want to look for a policy that includes professional liability (coverage against malpractice), general liability (accidents such as trip and falls), and product liability (coverage for products that may be used during a session).

It is also important to note the limits of the liability insurance. Some insurance companies provide a shared limit, which means you share the money available with everyone insured with that company, and when the available limit is used up, you may not be covered. Massage Magazine Insurance Plus provides you with a $3 million individual annual aggregate and $2 million per occurrence.

Another important attribute to consider is whether the policy is occurrence form or claims made. With occurrence form, if there is a claim filed after your insurance expired, but the incidence occurred during the time you were insured, then you are covered. With claims-made, you would not be covered in this scenario. 

Protect your Reiki career with affordable liability insurance from MASSAGE Magazine

Trusted for over 30 years!

Reiki Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you need Reiki insurance?

Reiki is a popular form of energy work that involves practitioners reorienting the flow of energy for a variety of maladies. Those suffering from chronic pain and other conditions report feeling uplifted and peaceful after a session. Reiki insurance is like a wall that you build around your career. Your “wall” creates a layer of protection for you so you can practice Reiki with the utmost confidence. Insurance protects you by providing the financial assistance needed to recover your costs when the unexpected strikes. It could be as simple as a slip and fall or even an upset former client who says your session left them injured in some way. Lawsuits are costly to defend yourself, which is where liability insurance comes in. Beyond that, you have additional protection for many other forms of covered losses for the most all-around protection possible.

Is Reiki practitioner insurance worth the cost?

Since Reiki isn’t as hands-on as other massage modalities, you might think that insurance simply isn’t worth the cost. But let’s look at the numbers. Reiki insurance for professionals costs just $169 up front for 12 months or as low as $15.49 per month if you choose to finance. For the annual rate, that means you’re paying less than $0.50 per day for full insurance coverage plus a full range of benefits that come with the policy. Comparatively, if you have a client slip over a loose bit of carpet on their way into a Reikie session, their slip-and-fall incident could result in a big lawsuit. Another covered area is rental damages —  so it’s an easy area to see where insurance can save you thousands.

Does Reiki liability insurance cover me if I’m an employee?

Absolutely. Our Reiki liability is an individual insurance plan made just for you and only for you. You’ll see what’s called an individual annual aggregate on our plans, which means the $3 million limit you see with our policies is entirely yours. Other plans, especially those where you work for someone else, are typically both minimal in coverage, as well as shared aggregates. This means you have others on the plan who are sharing the same limits, so if they had a claim before you, you might not have enough coverage left on the plan to cover your own claim. That’s where for just $169 per year, getting the full benefit of personal Reiki liability insurance is an easy path for practicing from a point of peace.

When is the best time to get Reiki insurance coverage?

You can get Reiki insurance coverage while you are still studying to become a Reiki practitioner. This plan carries the same weight and benefits of the professional plan but is provided at a special discounted rate to help support the next generation of therapists. At just $25 for an entire year of coverage, a student can start their career in Reiki on the right foot with complete peace of mind. You can also hold off until you’re nearing completion of your Reiki education to get student coverage. Then you’ll get a large chunk of your first year in the practice covered for the same low $25 student rate.

How much is energy work insurance each year?

We provide a couple of different options to help make your Reiki insurance coverage even more affordable. Starting out, you can pay $169 all up front and get a full year of professional coverage. You can also choose to seek financing for this amount, which stretches the total out to 12 months of low, easy payments. Depending on your creditworthiness, you can pay as low as $15.49 per month for professionals. There’s also the option to go ahead and pay for two years up front; at $289 for a two-year term, meaning you save close to 20% off the one-year price. You can choose to finance this, as well, with payments as low as $26.49 per month for 12-months. For Reiki students who are still learning how to practice Reiki, you can take advantage of our students-only pricing of just $25 for a full year of Reiki Insurance coverage.

Can you go without Reiki Insurance coverage?

As long as your state board doesn’t require Reiki insurance for licensure, yes, you can go without Reiki insurance coverage. The only trouble is, you’re gambling with your career in an industry where accidents unfortunately happen all the time to even the most experienced therapists. That’s why the value of Reiki insurance is hard to beat. For less than two quarters per day, you can have a comprehensive Reiki insurance plan that’s easy to set up and even easier to use when you need to go through the claims process. Not only that, but you get a bevy of member perks worth hundreds of dollars all by themselves. Get discounts and exclusives on the best gear and services in massage, a free website for promoting your practice, free massage CEU classes, career help, and so much more. 


Do you need a license to qualify for Reiki liability insurance?

As an insurance company, we are not able to insure you if you are doing something you are not legally authorized to do. So if your state board requires a license to operate, you will need to have that in order to qualify for a Reiki liability insurance policy. Always be sure to be up-to-date with your state board's requirements, as they do change.

What are professional and general liability with Reiki insurance?

These are two coverage areas you’ve probably heard of, but maybe by different names. General liability coverage is often called “slip-and-fall” insurance because slips, trips, and falls are unfortunately so common. General liability coverage covers you from accidents where someone is injured or has their property damaged generally on your premises. Professional liability insurance is also called either “malpractice” or “errors and omissions'' insurance. This part of your Reiki insurance coverage deals with the physical act of providing services to clients. After a session, the client may come back and say you reaggravated an old injury they’d disclosed on their health questionnaire and they now hold you responsible for all the related costs like medical bills, lost work, and ongoing rehab.

Why would a Reiki therapist need product coverage?

Even Reiki practitioners introduce a variety of different products within even just one session with a client. One of the worst things for a professional to face is when a client has an adverse reaction to a product introduced in the session. It could be the aromatherapy oil you used or a cleaning agent for the table, but a bad reaction can require emergency medical treatment. That’s why our members get the benefit of $2 million worth of product liability coverage.

Is rental damage included with Reiki liability insurance?

This important coverage is included because so many Reiki practitioners find it necessary to rent space. Whether that’s a leased space at the mall, a commercial lease in a business park, or even just table space at a massage spa, a landlord can hold you responsible for repairing damages you make to the space that you’re renting. Without insurance, all those repair bills would be up to you to pay. Put that versus having $100,000 in coverage at your fingertips with a Reiki insurance plan.

What kind of benefits do you get when you sign up for reiki insurance?

You get a load of member benefits that are accessible from day one with your new Reiki insurance policy. Enjoy instant access to free NCBTMB-approved continuing education classes, a professionally designed website that’s easy to use so you can put your practice on the map, a ton of different discounts and deals from the leading names in massage, and a policy that includes millions of dollars in coverage so you can practice with absolute confidence.

Can I offer other services beyond Reiki and still be covered?

Yes! We know that lots of Reiki professionals are going to be well-versed in a variety of different methods. Maybe that’s Tai Chi on the weekends and Reiki, tuning forks, and energy balancing throughout the week. However you practice best, know that you have more than 350 different services all covered under our single, comprehensive plan.

How do I get in on the free online continuing education?

Easy—fill out a quick application for Reiki insurance, check out, and that’s it. You’ll get to see all of your plan documents, show proof of insurance, and also get instant access to your benefits, including hundreds of hours of classes to help you get your state board’s required number of CEs.

What are my state board’s requirements for Reiki?

Every state board is a little bit different,especially when it comes to Reiki,so make sure you check its website for the specific details for your location. If you ever don’t know, always ask first.

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