Massage Is Not Just For Professional Athletes

Dallas, TX–Whether you’re a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, you can add some rejuvenation to your workout routine.

“A soothing massage can perk you up before or after a workout,” said Lance O’Pry, Dallas/Fort Worth regional developer for Massage Envy clinics, the leading provider of massage therapy in the U.S.

It’s easier to reach your fitness goals with the help of massage, which increases your range of motion, reduces muscle fatigue and helps prevent injury.

Massage can help maintain flexibility and range of motion by working muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments. It also stimulates production and retention of natural lubricants between connective tissue fibers.

It is not often that people associate a massage therapy program with fitness – but they should for an optimal wellness/fitness program.

Ever wonder why most professional teams have massage therapists on staff for their athletes? It is not for relaxation – it is for maximizing the athletes’ performance. Athletes who train know their bodies well.

1. Toxins and flexibility: After a good workout, a good game, or run, your body has toxins that are embedded within the muscle fibers. A sports massage helps release these toxins thus creating more blood circulation through the muscular system. Not only does increased blood circulation help the athlete perform at their optimal level, a Massage Envy sports massage will increase flexibility creating better results.

2. Helps Prevent Injury: Many runners complain of cramps. Cramps are caused by tight muscles not getting enough oxygen. A well trained sports massage therapist at Massage Envy will loosen the runners’ tight muscles thus reducing the risk of cramping and injury.

3. Healing: When you work out with weights, the weight tears the muscle (this is one of the reasons you are sore the next day). When your body is healing itself (from the tear) pain is often accompanied by the process. One way to help speed up the healing process is a Massage Envy sports massage. This therapy is a type of deep tissue massage that generally focuses on the area of interest for the athlete receiving the massage. It helps speed recovery and repair muscle damage as well as releasing and breaking the knots/adhesions within the muscle. Athletes find this massage not only therapeutic but also mandatory to their fitness regime.

4. Boosts Performance: Many athletes work the same muscles over and over thus leading to knots and chronic muscle tension. A regular sports massage therapy program will reduce the athlete’s inflammation and help to eliminate scar tissue. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints). When the athletes muscles are taken care of, the athlete will perform at their best.

Massage Envy offers a variety of massages from relaxation to a sports massage. A sports massage is geared toward athletes of every shape size and kind – from the professional athlete to the weekend runner. The massage therapist focuses on particular troublesome areas and to the athlete’s sport. This type of massage is growing very quickly in popularity as a useful companion to a balanced training routine. Some athletes use the sports massage prior to an event to loosen muscles to gain maximum performance during training or after a race or event to prevent soreness and help heal the muscles. Athletes have discovered that specially designed massage promotes flexibility, removes fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries, and prepares them to compete at their absolute best.

Massage Envy clinics offer weeknight and weekend hours, so you can rejuvenate on your own schedule.

At Massage Envy, an introductory one-hour massage session (a 50-minute massage and time for consultation and dressing) is just $39. Memberships are available for $49 per month and include a one-hour massage session. Members can also enjoy unlimited additional one-hour massage sessions at the $39 member rate.

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