Based on feedback from users and due their growing popularity, Becalm Balls have recently been improved.

Simple enough in appearance, Becalm Balls, which launched in June, are actually a breakthrough technology that resulted from years of research and refinement. Robert Harris, craniosacral practitioner and co-founder of the Cranial Therapy Centre, has been developing the balls since the mid-90s, when he called them The Stillpointer.  

In the course of his research, Harris made a major discovery: two spots at the back of the head, which when gently held, induce an instant and profound response of slack or ease — in the same way that a rope held under tension relaxes when the tension backs off. Harris compares that initial effect to the feeling that comes when you are cradled in a hammock, or when a tight deadline is suddenly put off by a week. He calls those two spots the slackening spots. When they are contacted lightly, the response creates ease not just in the body, but in the entire psyche. When they are cradled over a period of minutes, the response brings a profound relaxation to the complete nervous system, inducing what has been coined by osteopaths and craniosacral therapists, as a “stillpoint.” A stillpoint describes the phenomenon when the central nervous system (CNS) is brought from its usual state of alertness, into a state of calmness, essentially shutting off the body’s stress response. This is the state where your body may befreed up to repair itself. Becalm Balls help allieviate insomnia, anxiety and headaches, and restore the balance of they body’s digestive and immune systems. The result is an increase in mental clarity, health and general vitality. To spend even 10 minutes a day on Becalm Balls can have a profound effect on well-being.

Robert Harris, along with partner Alix McLaughlin, own and operate the Cranial Therapy Centre in Toronto. Robert is committed to bringing the benefits of his discovery to as many people as possible. He teaches seminars at hospitals, clinics and offices, demonstrating the use and benefits of Becalm Balls.

Becalm Balls can be purchased at, as well as at the Cranial Therapy Centre, (416) 971-8674.

Source: Becalm Balls