New York, New York – In 2009, four friends–an Olympic athlete and engineer, a cardiologist, an investment professional and a corporate lawyer– decided to analyze their own hectic lives and how they could come to terms with their daily sense of tension and lack of deep relaxation. In doing so, they developed a product, the Muktimat, using modern medicine and ancient Oriental acupressure techniques, that would help them guarantee a daily feeling of stress relief and complete relaxation. Today, the Muktimat has come to serve as a testament to the powerful relationship between the mind’s and the body’s well-being. The product’s focus on both mind and body explains its compelling effects and why it has become so popular among its users.

The purpose of the Muktimat is to quickly, simply and affordably release stress and restore energy to the user’s body and mind.

  • Muktimat Quickly – You will experience relief after 10 minutes.
  • Muktimat Simply – The mat is portable, measuring 16 inches in width by 28 inches in length and can be used in offices, homes and while traveling.
  • Muktimat Affordably – The mat retails at for $39.99.

The Muktimat is based on both modern medicine and ancient acupressure practices aimed at relieving pain, increasing blood circulation and enabling the body to deeply relax.

By activating the Muktimat’s nearly 8,000 trigger points, the Muktimat deeply stimulates the body’s pressure spots and aids in the release of endorphins and oxytocin–the body’s own feel good hormones. These are the very same hormones that are released when one exercises or experiences love.

Muktimat users continually testify to a host of positive effects, including: alleviation of back, neck and joint pain and headaches, reduction of stress and anxiety, improved sleep and increased blood circulation.