Renowned Expert Explores the Science Behind the Bowen Bodywork Technique, MASSAGE MagazineWhen Tom Bowen began practicing his method of bodywork in the 1970s, he referred to it as a “gift from God.” Though he had no medical background, the techniques he used were found to be astonishingly effective for treating a range of medical conditions, from chronic back pain to tinnitus. First taught in the 1980s, the technique has been growing in popularity ever since. Until now, however, little has been known of how this system works.

In Bowen Unravelled: A Journey into the Fascial Understanding of the Bowen Technique, published by North Atlantic Books, author Julian Baker, a longtime Bowen practitioner, fills in the gap in scientific understanding and explains in anatomical terms why the technique is so effective. Complete with 100 full-color illustrations and photographs and in-depth analysis of each movement, this is a must-read for both those currently practicing the Bowen technique, and those curious to learn more about it.

Baker has been studying the Bowen technique for 25 years, and is one of the world’s leading Bowen therapists. In 1998, he founded the European College of Bowen Studies; he developed the teaching and modular system of Bowen training in use by most Bowen schools around the world today. Since 2005, Baker has been involved in connective-tissue dissection in a quest to comprehend the complexity of human movement and function.

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