Repechage031609On March 1st through 3rd, Repêchage held its annual Train the Trainer program at the Lydia Sarfati Post-Graduate Academy in Secaucus, NJ. 

Repêchage educators from around the world convened for an intensive three day program that ran the gamut of product knowledge, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

The training featured product knowledge of the full Repêchage brand and hands-on workshops of Facial Massage, Classic European Facial, Four Layer Facial, Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial (VC5) and Hydra Medic. The highlight of the program was teaching estheticians to perform services at the Facial Bar.  “Estheticians are Repachage2_031609accustomed to performing facials and facial massage from behind the client.  At the Facial Bar, the esthetician must perform the service from in front of the client and so essentially, estheticians are relearning the services from a completely opposite vantage point.  It’s like learning your trade backwards!” says Repechage Director of Education Seda Azarian.

The course concluded with an oral presentation given by each esthetician and a written test.  The session was well attended, with trainers coming from all over the US as well Mexico, South Africa, Malta and Curacao and resulted in the certification of 32 Repêchage trainers.

Train the Trainer is an annual follow-up course to the Online Certification Exam for potential Repêchage Educators.  Estheticians are evaluated on their performance and comprehension and classified accordingly to the level of education they can aptly provide.

For more information on Repêchage® or how to become a Repêchage Educator, visit or call (800) 248-SKIN.