Staying up to date with the latest from your favorite seaweed skin-care brand has never been so easy. With social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, clients can learn about new product launches, spa events and education classes right up to the minute they are announced. And now Repêchage has joined Google+.

Launched in late June 2011, Google+ reported 40 million registered users during its earnings call in October. “Google Search Plus Your World” is the next evolutionary step in determining what is relevant to personalized search queries in that individual’s search results are greatly influenced by their circle of friends. Repêchage has added Google+ to its website on the bottom of every page, this way customers are able to share their favorite Repêchage products and services with their circle of friends creating virtual product recommendations.

Stay tuned for Repêchage Google+ “Hangouts.” Consumers and professionals can chat real time about their skin-care questions with Repêchage skin-care specialists. Google+ also offers private “hangouts” that Repêchage plans on using for education. Students from all over the world can have online study groups or brainstorming sessions with Repêchage skin-care specialists.

“The professional salon and spa industry by nature is a social one. We know that through these unique platforms we can engage with our clients in more meaningful ways” said Repêchage Executive Vice President Shiri Sarfati. Customers can visit the Repêchage Google+ page to see real-time conversations, aggregate information and see photos and videos of events, protocols and all things Repêchage.

To find Repêchage on Google+, visit For more information on Repêchage, visit or call (800) 248-7546.