Repêchage professional skin care has recently launched

“Repechage has always had a strong Spanish-speaking following. The new website will offer them a place to get up-to-date information on our brand and company” says Shiri Sarfati, Repechage executive vice president.

The new site offers Spanish speakers a venue to explore Repêchage treatments and products online as well as leave reviews of their favorite products and treatments. According to Beauty Inc, “For Latina women (and men), looking good is a cultural imperative. Most women wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without lipstick.”[1] Not only are a majority of Hispanics concerned with their personal appearance, but they are growing in numbers. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are roughly 50.5 million Hispanics in the U.S. with “$1.2 trillion in spending power.”[2] features:

  • Visitors can find products by either skin type or by category
  • Detailed product descriptions without third-party banners or advertisements
  • Step-by-step usage directions give visitors a thorough explanation of how the products should be used
  • Descriptions of professional facial and body treatments give professionals and consumers a comprehensive understanding of the Repêchage signature treatments
  • Visitors are able to establish an account and from there view and track past orders
  • Visitors can rave about their favorite Repêchage products in the “reviews” section
  • List of upcoming Spa Events
  • Access to Repêchage’s facebook en Espanol page