Required or Not, Massage Therapists Benefit from Continuing Education, MASSAGE MagazineIt is strange how, sometimes, when we are required to do something, it can change the way we feel about that action or task. This may be the case for many massage therapists and bodyworkers when it comes to continuing education, for earning continuing education credits is required for practice in many states and regions.

However, continuing education should be viewed as an opportunity to improve one’s career in so many ways. By taking the right continuing education classes, massage therapists and bodyworkers can achieve a broad spectrum of benefits, from bringing in more clients, serving them better and making more money to boosting longevity, increasing efficiency and gaining fame within the community.

As you can see, even if you are a massage therapist or bodyworker who lives in a state or region where continuing education is required, this is one requirement that can serve you well. The wealth of continuing education classes available for massage therapists and bodyworkers should make it easy to find one that will allow you to not only meet any necessary requirements, but also secure the benefits you currently seek in your career.

For example, if one of your main goals right now is to draw more clients through your door, then there are several ways to approach and achieve that goal through continuing education. Choosing the right class will require a analysis of your practice, to see if the issue lies within the session room or is more of a marketing matter.

If you believe you are not bringing in the number of clients you would like due to a lack of diversity in your massage offerings, then the answer may be to begin learning a new type of touch technique via continuing education. For instance, if you only offer craniosacral therapy, you may wish to begin learning a more deep-tissue type of massage therapy or bodywork, in order to diversify your practice menu.

Often, a lack of new clients can come down to the need to better market your practice, so that members of the community know your name and the benefits of your hands-on work. Fortunately, there are many continuing education classes available especially for massage therapists and bodyworkers who need help with marketing. These continuing education classes might focus on such topics as how to use social networking to increase your client base or how to participate in community outreach events, such as health fairs or marathons.

Perhaps the benefit you seek is on the other end of the spectrum—a wish to increase your own longevity as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker. This can be a pressing need for those who begin to feel some physical “wear and tear” after a particularly busy time or many years of practice. In this case, there are quite a few quality continuing education classes to choose from on the topic of proper body mechanics and also self-care in general.

Obviously, massage therapists and bodyworkers stand to benefit greatly when they take the proper continuing education classes, whether these continuing education classes are required or not.