GAINESVILLE, Fla., May 2, 2011—A new health supplement product line inspired by the heart-healthy diet of the Kuna native islanders has been honored as a Natural Foods Merchandiser (NFM) Editor’s Choice. The distinction was awarded to 11 brands featured among tens of thousands of products at the Natural Products Expo West. NFM is the official magazine of the Natural Products Expo, which showcased new products and highlighted product trends at the Anaheim Convention Center March 10 – 13.

The magazine’s award for CocoaWell™ —specially formulated by Reserveage Organics—honors its emergence as a superfruit product line that appeals to consumers concerned with supporting cardiovascular health, boosting energy and enhancing mood.

CocoaWell is the first trademarked natural supplement that combines Fair Trade organic cacao with Pure Plant Flavanol™ Complex. “We’re delighted to hear that CocoaWell was chosen from the multitude of products featured at the Expo,” said Naomi Whittel, CEO of Reserveage Organics. “We’re a science-based company fascinated by the healthiest cultures in the world,” she added. “We are committed to developing products to benefit our customers who are striving for greater health and well-being. As a company that uses certified Fair Trade ingredients, we aim to share these benefits through socially responsible practices. We work directly with farmers to ensure they receive a fair wage.”

“I like that Reserveage has harnessed the potent flavanol content of cocoa to deliver

in supplement form,” wrote Melaina Juntti, health and beauty editor of Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine. “I’m excited for more people to learn about cocoa’s health-promoting properties.”

CocoaWell is part of Reserveage’s line of cocoa superfruit products, which aim to provide heart-healthy benefits without the fat, sugar, calories and cholesterol associated with dark chocolate.

A study published in the February 2011 issue of the journal Chemistry Central identified cocoa powder as a “superfood,” finding it offers more antioxidant benefits per gram than blueberries, cranberries and other “superfruits.”

Products containing CocoaWell emulate the daily diet of Kuna islanders, who drink five to six cups of natural cocoa daily. A 20-year observational research study led by Harvard University’s Norman K. Hollenberg, MD, found that the Kuna, particularly those living on the San Blas Islands off the Panama Coast, have fewer heart-related conditions as they age.

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About CocoaWell™products

Reserveage Organics has developed three 100 percent organic cocoa products from the rainforests of South America. Maximum Potency 450, Advanced CoQ10 Heart, and True Energy—each formulated with CocoaWell—are “pure protection from the heart of the jungle,” infused with green tea and acacia catechu, which are nature’s richest sources of pure plant flavanols.

With CocoaWell, you can enjoy your chocolate but get the full health benefits of certified organic cocoa in one easy-to-swallow capsule. One 450-mg vegetarian capsule of Maximum Potency CocoaWell provides the catechin equivalent of eating 49 apples with skin, or 33 bars of regular milk chocolate (100 grams per bar), or eight bars of dark chocolate (100 grams per bar). It’s also the equivalent of drinking 18 cups of brewed black tea, or eight cups of brewed decaffeinated green tea.

CocoaWell products provide heart and endothelial support to maintain healthy blood pressure and circulation; promote balanced HDL/LDL blood lipid rates; boost cognitive function for healthy blood flow, concentration and memory; strengthen natural resistance against oxidative stress and protect from free radicals; create mood-lifting energy that promotes natural, calm alertness, and provide support to reinforce cellular health and a healthy immune system.