The home-study courses resource center is designed to provide the latest news, information, articles and tools related to home-study continuing education courses for massage and bodywork therapists.

Home-study courses provide working massage therapists and bodyworkers with the ability to expand their repertoire and earn continuing education credits at a time and place that is convenient and affordable for them. Home study, online and distance learning, has gained popularity within the past few years, as massage professionals seek more ways to receive higher education in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Get Sleep To Learn More

Good night's sleep Moon and cloudsOne of the best ways you can improve retention is to get enough quality sleep. Research shows sleep improves learning by keeping the mind alert to receive information and by helping to consolidate memory for future use.

Build a Study Group for Home-Based Continuing Education

continuing education  Getting the most from your continuing education experience can depend on a number of variables, from the topic of the class and the quality of the provider to the method of delivery and the environment in which you choose to learn.   Enhance the Continuing Education Experience For professional massage therapists who are considering […]

Can you train your brain to study better?

train your brainYou’ve probably seen the advertisements for applications that claim to help you “work out” your mind—brain training has become fairly popular.  But is there anything to it? Could playing games on your phone or tablet really help in your day-to-day life? Can you really improve study skills with games?  When you choose to complete your continuing […]

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