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BIOTONE is a leader in the massage industry and brings innovative products to massage therapists, estheticians and spa professionals. In addition to offering a large selection of professional massage and spa therapy products, BIOTONE’s cremes, lotions, gels and oils are also known for their high-quality formulas that enable professionals to be the best in their business.


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The Topicals You Need for Massaging Feet

Feet take all kinds of abuse: standing for long periods of time, walking, running, hiking, exercising, often wearing ill-fitting shoes. It’s no wonder foot massage is so welcome. The 7,200 nerve endings in the foot deserve to be pampered; massaging the feet is the perfect solution. The Renaissance College Massage Program in Bountiful, Utah, reports […]

Boost Your Business and Client Satisfaction with Free Product Samples

Chances are you’ve received free product samples while shopping in a grocery store, boutique or garden shop. These freebies are intended to give you a taste of an item in the hopes that you’ll purchase the full-size product. Research shows that this tactic works; a report from Sampling Effectiveness Advisors indicated that 73 percent of […]

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BIOTONE Announces Lab Blends With CBD for Pain Management

BIOTONE announces Lab Blends, a new line of topical pain management products for professional and home care featuring Cannabidiol (CBD) extract with powerful analgesics for complete pain management. Ground-breaking CBD has demonstrated its effectiveness in helping to reduce pain and inflammation and decrease pain signaling to the brain. The new Lab Blends product line includes […]

BIOTONE’s Integrated Table Thai

Renew and refresh clients with Thai Massage followed by a finishing treatment of Renewal Aromatherapy Lotion. (Learn More: http://tinyurl.com/qyb9qn4) Thai Massage is like a dance. Movements are rhythmic and continuous. The therapist is moving with the client’s body, creating flow through unity. Table Thai movements can be incorporated into existing massage techniques or can be […]

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