Restore Your Body with Guided Imagery, MASSAGE MagazineVisualization and guided imagery are important tools to help your body relax and restore. Medical science is even doing research on this mind-body connection. You may or may not realize it, but you are already using imagery in your life and possibly in your practice. Imagery helps to achieve certain goals. Creating an intention is part of the visualization process. Visualizing can be simple, or it can be more detailed. The more detail you add to the imagery, the more successful the practice can become. If you are not a visual person, you can use a combination of senses to accomplish your goal.

Simple visualization

Lie on your back or sit comfortably in chair. Relax your entire body. Allow your mind to become like a waterfall. Relax your mind and let your thoughts flow with the waterfall. See a vantage point in the rocks behind the waterfall. Gaze at this place and let your mind be still. You are hearing the water flow, but stay out of the torrent. Let your thought patterns change in ways that nourish understanding and compassion. Try to understand the nature of your thoughts and let them just be thoughts, nothing more. Observe them as they flow. Observe your thoughts without being drawn into them.

After a few minutes, bring your attention to your breath. Let yourself come back into your body. Slowly wake up as you move your fingers and your toes. Open your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you slowly integrate yourself back into life. Feel how calm your mind and body are and try to keep this peace with you.

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