In January, TruGen3 announced the release of the first-ever clinical trial on healthy human subjects testing oral bioavailability of cannabidiol. CBD is known to have limited oral bioavailability due to its poor aqueous solubility and extensive first-pass metabolism.

The August 2019 study published in the journal Molecules sought to determine whether the absorption of CBD could be improved by using a more effective delivery system. A novel self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) based on VESIsorb® formulation technology incorporated CBD, as hemp-extract, was developed (SEDDS-CBD) and tested against the same hemp-extract diluted with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT-CBD). Single oral CBD dose was standardized to 25 mg.

The authors of the Molecules study administered the CBD to 16 healthy volunteers (eight men and eight women in a randomized, double-blind, cross-over study, meaning the subjects received one formulation on one day then were switched over to the opposite formulation after a 14-day break).

Here’s what the Molecules study found:

  • Single oral administration of the SEDDS CBD led to 4.4-fold higher blood plasma levels of CBD compared to the control CBD formula
  • Faster absorption occurred with SEDDS-CBD compared to a control formulation of CBD.
  • Normally, CBD is better absorbed in women compared to men. However, the SEDDS-CBD significantly reduced this gender difference.

CBD is increasingly being used to support many areas of health including mood, cognitive function, joints, healthy sleep, pain and normal inflammatory response.

Molecules researchers concluded “SEDDS-CBD based on VESIsorb® formulation technology offers a novel, good, tolerable, and effective oral cannabinoid delivery system. CBD has a number of potential health benefits; however, our data demonstrated that unless the SEDDS formulation is used, there is relatively poor bioavailability of the standard CBD formulations (e.g., hemp-extract diluted with MCT oil) and could lead to diminished benefits (or no benefit) for this natural product.”

L. Douglas Lioon is the CEO and co-founder of TruGen3.

“TruGen3®’s cornerstones include efficacy and value,” Lioon says. “This study’s results demonstrate 4.4-times better absorption, which is clearly a value-added fact. The superior absorption also explains why TruEase®’s anecdotal results have been stellar. We look forward to sharing more clinical results in the future.”

To download the clinical trial results go to

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