Press Dispensary – July 11, 2008 – The Arthritic Association ( ), a
registered UK charity, announces the pre-press edition of a major new practitioners’ guide to treating arthritis
patients through remedial massage.
Spinal and Pelvic Conditions in Arthritis, by John Wedlake Griffiths LCSP (Phys), is intended as a practical
workbook for physical therapists, from consultation and diagnosis to treatment. Inspired by the works of
Charles de Coti-Marsh, who pioneered the natural treatment of arthritis, this new guide explains the theories
and techniques of John Wedlake Griffiths. Health professionals working in the fields of rheumatology,
osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy – attuned to beneficial nutritional interventions – should be
particularly interested in reviewing this new guide.
With a foreword by Eddie Caldwell, former principal of the Northern Institute of Massage, the book is divided
into twelve chapters covering subjects such as examining patients, protocols, arthritis diagnosis, spinal
injuries, possible treatment, dietary changes, case studies and a research overview. Chapter 12 features a
comprehensive list of ‘questions and answers’ for each of the preceding chapters.
The Arthritic Association is inviting expert reviews of the book prior to its publication. Suitably qualified and
interested parties should contact Bruce Hester on 01323 416550 or email
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Notes for editors
Founded in 1942, The Arthritic Association ( is a registered charity
dedicated to helping relieve people from the pain of arthritis through natural methods.
For over a decade John Wedlake Griffiths was consulted by patients attending The Arthritic Association’s
Clinic. He examined patients with arthritis and found that spinal deviations were present in at least 80% of
cases and these deviations had almost always been due to a muscle problem. Specific dietary guidelines were
adopted by many patients during and after physical therapy treatments. Overall a holistic approach to
arthritis enabled patients to enjoy increased energy, gain relief from pain and achieve improved mobility.
For further information, please contact:
Bruce Hester, The Arthritic Association
Tel: 01323 433777 / 07940 802875
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