Review Your Massage Cream Options, MASSAGE MagazineWhen we allow the details of our lives and careers to become afterthoughts or actions that are performed almost on autopilot, we run the risk of decreased quality and satisfaction. For professional massage therapists and bodyworkers who are in the business of providing a hands-on, personal service to clients, the importance of paying attention to detail—and continuing to pay attention to detail—cannot be underestimated.

From the quality of your touch and the energy of your presence to the comfort of your massage table and linens, it all matters when it comes to creating the best possible session for every client you serve. Therefore, practitioners need to be on guard against falling into ruts, going on autopilot or getting so used to what they do and how they do it that they no longer pay much attention.

One key detail of a massage or bodywork practice that may all too often become an afterthought is massage cream. Practitioners may find a massage cream that works for them and not think much about it again. These professional touch therapists use the same massage cream for years, forgetting to check in to see if there might be a better massage cream on the market, or whether their current massage cream still meets their needs.

This is one example of how ruts begin and how successful massage and bodywork practices begin to grow stagnant. Instead of sticking with the same massage cream you have always used—simply because you have always used it—challenge yourself to review your massage cream and look for other massage creams on the market. One great way to remember to do this is to think about it each time you need to order more massage cream.

It can also pay to step outside the box a bit when it comes to your massage cream, along with many other details of your career and practice. Thinking in creative ways about how you can use massage cream is a wonderful way to maintain enthusiasm and vibrancy in your daily work, which tends to translate to greater client satisfaction.

So, besides reviewing your current massage cream and looking at other available massage creams on the market, also think about new and different ways to use massage cream to add value to your services. One of the ways in which some practitioners first begin to step outside the box in terms of massage cream is to realize it is OK and even beneficial to keep more than one massage cream on hand, which can help to create a customized feel for each client’s session.

For example, if you happen to have a massage cream that contains a pain-relieving ingredient, then you can better serve a client who comes in with acute aches and pain. Here, you are adding value to that client’s session simply by having a specific kind of massage cream on hand, in addition to the main massage cream you use in the session room.