PHOENIXVILLE, PA. – A new eco-friendly, cryotherapy treatment is changing the way consumers and athletes treat injuries, muscle soreness and inflammation. Arctic Ease, a reusable cold wrap, provides hours of comfortable therapeutic cooling without any of the hassle or risks of ice and freezer packs.

Revolutionary New Cold Compression Wrap Therapy Changing the Way People Treat Injuries, MASSAGE MagazineMade from a specially treated cotton fabric, Arctic Ease conforms to the injury to comfortably treat musculoskeletal injuries with cold compression for hours without the risk of freezing tissue. The wrap sticks to itself, eliminating the need for tape or clips, but leaves absolutely no residue that can irritate skin, or stain cloths. Even after hours in place, Arctic Ease peels away from bare skin easily and painlessly. Arctic Ease can be worn under clothing or while working out.

“People often fail to perform cold compression therapy because it’s a high-maintenance procedure. Ice on, ice off, leaking bags of melting ice and sweating freezer packs are a mess,” said Carol Forden, inventor of Arctic Ease. When people fail to comply with cold compression rehabilitation requirements, it takes longer to recuperate or to fully heal, Forden added. Arctic Ease is easy to use and increases compliance rates, speeding healing and improving responses to physical therapy.

“Arctic Ease is also safer than ice packs because it cools without freezing. When the body temperature drops, it responds by sending blood to warm up tissue, which is the worse thing to do when trying to reduce swelling,” said Forden. Arctic Ease provides controlled cooling that keeps the tissue temperature above 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once applied, Arctic Ease stays cold for up to three hours with no further maintenance. From carpal tunnel syndrome to arthritis, tendonitis to sports injuries, such as torn ACLs, Arctic Ease is used to treat a range of causes of inflammation, common muscle pain and provides joint pain relief.

Wrap Arctic Ease on the problem area before or after a workout or physical activity to reduce or prevent swelling. “You can’t play active sports, such as tennis, golf or basketball, with ice bags strapped to your knees,” Forden said.

The 4-inch wrap comes in 5-foot long strips that can be cut to size. Once used, return it to the reusable pouch, add 2 tablespoons of water or one ice cube, and it will recharge itself without refrigeration.

Pro-athletes like Rob Gronkowski and Sergio Brown from the New England Patriots, Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers, Darryl Tapp of the Philadelphia Eagles, Arrelious Benn from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and pro triathlete Meredith Kessler are all fans of Arctic Ease.

Arctic Ease is 100-percent made in the U.S., nontoxic, menthol-free, latex-free and biodegradable. The 4-inch by 5-foot wrap comes in four colors: white, black, blue and pink, and has a suggested retail price of $14.99. The 4-inch by 6-inch 3-pack retails for $9.99. Arctic Ease is available at retailers, rehabilitation centers and physical therapy centers nationwide. For more information, visit