Portable sitting device improves posture and engages body’s core–product corrects how people sit through active stabilization

Revolutionary Orthotic BackJoy Changes Lives Through Active Relief of Back and Spinal Pressure, MASSAGE MagazinePacific Palisades, CA – BackJoy Orthotics LLC, a pioneer in the back care and back pain-relief industry, offers the BackJoy product to aid the millions of people who suffer from lower back pain.

More than 80 percent of Americans report acute lower back pain during their lifetimes, with the resulting losses of work and economic productivity reaching the tens of billions of dollars. Unhealthy sitting posture is linked to several physiological problems, including pressure on spinal nerves and disks. The BackJoy orthotic product improves alignment beyond a cushion or simple support through active stabilization. The user’s upper body weight creates constant adjustments that work perfectly in sync with the BackJoy. The product effectively removes the conditions that cause back pain when you sit, by promoting proper body alignment. It is a Class I medical device that shifts user’s center of gravity to the front of their body, removing harmful pressure from the spine and back areas.

“Many people greet our product with a lot of skepticism, said Preston Willingham, inventor of the BackJoy. “They either feel it’s just too simple to really work, or they have purchased one of the hundreds of other back care products with little results. After using BackJoy, the skeptics are quickly turned into believers who are surprised that such a simple-looking product can be so revolutionary.”

The BackJoy significantly reduces pain and discomfort for users suffering from several ailments including; arthritis, lower back pain, compressed discs, sciatica, osteoporosis, back pressure, and tightness. The product is endorsed by multiple members of the medical community including neurologists, nurses and chiropractic physicians.

The natural shape of BackJoy allows users to sit in comfort without contortion or the need for constant moving and adjustments. BackJoy can be utilized on a variety of soft and hard surfaces, allowing users to enjoy its benefits while at work, in the car and relaxing at home on a sofa.

BackJoy is suitable for usage by a wide variety of body types, including individuals ranging from 95 to 300 pounds in weight. Perfect for the aging boomer population, the BackJoy allows boomers to return to physical activities they enjoyed before suffering from pain. Many boomer-age individuals want to remain active, and BackJoy helps them to embrace a “life’s not over at 50” mindset.

Constructed of aerospace-quality copolymer polypropylene plastic, the BackJoy is built to withstand long-term usage. The product maintains its shape and flexibility after repeated use, allowing two or more individuals to easily share one BackJoy.

“BackJoy is supported by science that illustrates the overall health benefits it can provide to help correct poor posture and spine alignment,” said Willingham. “Sitting in the incorrect position will simply hurt your body. Our unique product acts as a cradle that adjusts your seating position naturally through immediate core engagement, so your body can work the way it is supposed to. Users report immediate results in back pain and soreness and their newfound freedom to pursue activities they were forced to quit due to pain.”

Recognized at number 51 on the Inc. 500 “Fastest Growing Company” list in 2010, BackJoy Inc. focuses solely on the design and support of the BackJoy product. The company was also selected by the Los Angeles Business Journal as the number one Fastest Growing Private Company for 2010.

The BackJoy is available for purchase on www.backjoy.com.

About BackJoy, The Back Orthotic

BackJoy, The Back Orthotic™ is the world’s first and only “orthotic” for your back.  BackJoy’s Orthotic Cradling System™ “floats” the user’s spinal system over both hard and soft sitting surfaces, and acts as a natural shock absorber for all-day comfort and injury prevention.  BackJoy automatically corrects sitting posture through active stabilization, with the user’s own body weight adjusting to the perfect position. A patented cupped design prevents the gluteus muscles from flattening under the user’s body weight, promoting increased circulation and reduced pressure and strain.  Simple to use, the BackJoy also works in any seat, including automobiles. The BackJoy provides a customized fit to men and women of all shapes and sizes from 95 to 300 pounds.

About BackJoy Orthotics LLC

BackJoy Orthotics LLC creates and distributes innovative solutions to relieve back pain that bring positive, life changing results, so our customers can get back to the joy of living.