Sound Behavior, a new company specializing in developing, producing, marketing and selling embedded tones for sound and music therapy for natural healing, announces its recent launch. Sales of Sound Behavior products will expand to international distribution in the first quarter of 2009. The company has two finished products and is in the research and development stage on three additional products, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2008 and early 2009.

The Sound Behavior process is an advanced naturopathic technique utilizing the body™s own ability to heal itself and enhance performance, without the use of drugs, and with no side effects, says Dr. Steven Moe, who developed the drug-free natural healing method to support his chiropractic care service and decrease treatment time at his Accelerated Performance Clinic in Eden Prairie, MN. The process takes advantage of the brain™s abilities to correct and refine its neurological pathways, which are critical in producing desired results.

Tonal and music therapy has been, and continues to be, studied as a healing modality. Research has found that the human body has the ability to activate or inhibit specific areas of the brain so a health problem – such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, spinal muscle dysfunction, fibromyalgia, balance, high blood pressure, excessive weight gain, etc. – can be alleviated without the use of drugs.

Through research and experimentation with the vibrational aspect of audio tones, Dr. Moe and Sound Behavior created a powerful tool to support the brain™s function. The process is facilitated by mixing music with fixed-frequency tones developed by Sound Behavior technicians. Users listen to these tones via any common audio system in order to influence neurological pathways in the brain to provide better health and improved performance.

Sound Behavior is a relatively simple solution to major health issues, Dr. Moe says. By simply listening to Sound Behavior products, a person will be able to improve most of their health challenges.

The Tonally Balanced Series is one of two products now available from Sound Behavior. Revolutionary and unique, Tonally Balanced is the only natural product designed to alleviate balance problems and improve physical performance. The product helps prevent falling, while at the same time, improves strength and balance, thereby improving performance. Tonally Balanced™s performance enhancement capability can be seen across all age groups and is especially effective with athletes and other physically active people.

Sound Behavior has also released its Blood Pressure Control Series. Blood pressure control is a huge problem for men and women of all ages. Medicines for the ailment are expensive and have many side effects and blood pressure problems often lead to other serious problems, such as heart attack or stroke. Recent data from Sound Behavior research show that subjects, including normal to high blood pressure subjects, see an average decrease of 11.35 points on the Systolic scale and 6.43 points on the Diastolic scale after application of Sound Behavior tones.

For more information about Sound Behavior™s new all-natural tonal and music therapy natural healing techniques, or for information about upcoming Sound Behavior products, visit

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