86541391New York City — When a professional sports player gets injured and is sidelined indefinitely, it not only affects that individual, but it can change the outcome of the entire team’s performance. The research being done at RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. is working to change that.

The mission of CEO David Hall is to develop a new medical treatment to reverse these career-ending injuries.

“RepliCel is developing science to treat chronic tendinosis suffered by many athletes,” Hall said. “We believe we can do this with regenerative cell therapy.”

Such an approach has never been tried before. RepliCel successfully pioneered regenerative cell therapy as a non-invasive cure for hair loss; that work launched this innovative treatment.

RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. specializes in autologous cell therapy technologies, initiating the clinical development of a new autologous cell therapy for the treatment of a variety of chronic tendon injuries including Achilles, patellar and elbow tendinosis. This technology is based on the company’s core understanding of the unique biological function of hair follicle cells.

“Our research addresses a serious and chronic disease of the tendon caused by a cycle of injury, healing and re-injury which results in frequent periods of pain and limited function,” Hall said. “Efficacy and safety results from initial studies form the basis for our current plan to conduct a large efficacy trial beginning with Achilles tendinosis.”

RepliCel´s preclinical research, as well as published clinical phase I data from its collaborator, Dr. David Connell, indicates that the engraftment of collagen-producing fibroblasts from the dermal sheath of a hair follicle can repair micro-tears and promote the regeneration of damaged tendon associated with chronic tendinosis.

About David Hall

Hall became chief executive officer and president at RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. in December 2010. Highly committed to governmental policy issues related to the biotech industry, he served as chairman of the Biotech Industry Advisory Committee to the BC Competition Council and was a member of the BC Task Force on PharmaCare. He is currently a member of the University of British Columbia’s Tech Equity Investment Committee.

Hall previously served executive management roles at Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc. and as chairman of Life Sciences BC Biotech. He currently serves as a director of GLG Lifetech Corporation and has served as director of IWG Technologies Inc. since 1993. He received a B.Com in Finance from University of Manitoba and a BA in Economics from University of Manitoba.