Rocktape: Kinesiology Tape Designed to Enhance Sports Performance and Recovery, MASSAGE MagazineLos Gatos, CA. Rocktape’s Active-Recovery (AR) series of athletic tapes are designed to enhance sports performance and recovery.

Rocktape is a special kind of tape known as kinesiology tape. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by heath care practitioners, including massage and bodywork professionals, throughout the world to treat injuries and improve sports performance. It works by creating a biomechanical lifting mechanism that lifts skin away from the soft tissue underneath, which allows more blood to move into an injured area to accelerate healing and recovery.

Rocktape is good for knee problems (including meniscus, ACL/MCL and arthritis issues), rotator cuff, groin and hamstring pulls, lower-back issues, shin splints, tennis and golf elbow, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and postural correction.

“As a health care professional working with athletes, I try to find the best ways to help keep my athletes on the field or court,” said Ryan S. May, A.T.C., L.A.T., head athletic trainer at Williams Field High School in Arizona. “Rocktape has given me another tool in the treating of musculoskeletal conditions involving impairment, functional limitations and disabilities because of pain or inflammation. It has also given me a competitive edge for enhancing performance of my athletes.”

Rocktape is a natural hybrid product and consists of 97-percent cotton and 3-percent nylon. The adhesive is a hypoallergenic, latex-free, acrylic-based adhesive. Rocktape is available in more than 55 designs and colors to suit your style, from solid colors to bold designs, including Tattoo, Pink Camouflage, Biohazard, Argyle, UK Flag, Pink Skull, Tiger and more.

Rocktape retails for $20 for a 2-inch by 16.5-foot roll and $40 for a 4-inch by 16.5-foot roll.

Rocktape teaches its POWER Taping method throughout the world and has trained more than 3,000 practitioners. For more information, click here.

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