ROM-T Enterprises is permanently changing the cost of its table to better serve the massage and bodywork industry. The company is now offering the revolutionary new table for a low price of $599.

The ROM-T is an all-in-one table that incorporates the benefits of massage, stretching, physical and sports therapy, as well as elderly and chiropractic care. The ROM-T was invented so the bodyworker could perform range of motion without the table being in the way. With its six  foldable wings, it allows clients the security of staying in the middle of the table.

“ROM-T Enterprises knows wholeheartedly that once the therapist has the opportunity to use ROM-T, they will see firsthand that the ROM-T will improve the comfort level of the client and improve the body mechanics of the therapist,” says Brent Palmer, C.M.T., inventor of the ROM-T.

ROM-T Enterprises is offering an electric table at $999 and a stationary table at $599. These two tables are custom made and can be pre-ordered.  The electric table weigh 122 pounds, with a loading weight of 440 pounds. The stationary table weigh 77 pounds, with a loading weight of 550 pounds. 

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