ROM-T Enterprises has completed its product, the ROM-T massage table.

With its wing design, the table aims to provide more options during a massage session. Each wing gives the massage professional 8 extra inches to get into the table. With standard tables, corners can get in the way and massage professionals have to bend over the table. The ROM-T was designed to eliminate the hassle. 

The ROM-T comes with a tri-positional face cradle that locks to the left, right and center, as well as adjusts up and down. The table comes with a carrying bag.

There are zero knobs on this table; the height adjustments are done with push buttons. The front leg stays attached and folds into the table, so essentially all the massage professional has to do is put the face cradle in. The client pays for 30 to 60 minutes of massage, but with the setup of standard massage tables, it takes away from the client experience. ROM-T has reduced some of that setup time, as there is no assembly.

The wings of the table are specifically designed for the scapula, and each side of the table has three wings. The top wing is for the shoulder and upper back, the middle wing is for the hip and lower back and the lower wing is for the hip and legs. With the wings folded down, massage therapists can use the table for leverage.

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