Dayton, OH (Jan. 4, 2021) Rossiter Stretching announces two new programs wherein people may purchase class credits at a reduced rate—and use those credits for up to two years from the time of purchase.

One program, RSTFlex, targets massage and bodywork practitioners with continuing education classes. “My goal is to have people understand that this is an opportunity to invest in themselves, adapt, learn new skills and learn in the new normal to be prepared for when the time is right to reopen,” Rossiter Stretching CEO Parminder Saini said.

The second program, the RST Partner Program, targets owners or directors of spas or multi-therapist massage practices. Through this program, Rossiter Stretching offers an 80/20 split of the net profits, with 80% going to Rossiter Stretching and 20% to the purchasing organization, after expenses. (Usual expenses for Rossiter Stretching are instructor travel and lodging, user manual costs, credit card fees.)


“The idea is you have a business with employees and you want to train your employees in a new modality,” said Singh. This program enables anyone to step up and collaborate with us—so if they are able to set up a course, they will gain financially.”

The purpose of both programs is to support the bodywork-and-massage field, said Saini: to provide flexibility, offer financial security as the classes don’t have to be taken immediately, and to give people an experience to look forward to. With COVID-19 continuing to impede in-person continuing education classes, he said, investing now in one’s future continuing education allows a person time to plan.

Rossiter Stretching is a form of pin-and-stretch release technique. Stretching can reduce pain and increase flexibility—and while massage therapists are well aware of this, the public is becoming more educated and excited about stretching too. Clients are paying to be stretched, and many businesses now offer stretching as a component of care. Massage therapists are the health care professionals who are positioned to be leaders of the stretching revolution.

“You’re not going to have this much time next year; clean things up and plan for the future now, so that when it’s time you can do what you do the best—learn and apply a new technique,” said Saini. “This is the moment for people to not lose help. We are humans. We will bounce back.”

About Rossiter Stretching:

The Rossiter System was founded in 1990 by Richard Rossiter, a certified advanced Rolfer. He worked as a consultant to factories for more than 30 years, and saw a consistent 60%-plus reduction in Workers’ Compensation costs for his corporate clients.

To learn Rossiter Stretching requires completion of four 16-hour courses, each of which builds upon the one before it. Once the four levels have been completed, the therapist may enroll in the Rossiter Stretching Instructor Course. For more information, visit