Four unique, new training programs revolutionize 5K and 10K event training

Asheville, NC – August 2, 2010 – ChiLiving has announced the addition of four new training programs to its popular line of running training programs and materials. Unlike other training programs, which only dictate how many minutes/miles to run each week, these programs also teach runners proper technique, which is key to maintaining efficiency and preventing injury. Good technique is the foundation of any healthy fitness program, especially running, which can be a high-injury sport without proper technique. ChiRunning and the Injury-Free Training Programs greatly reduce the potential for injury and make running part of an enjoyable fitness program. The 5K and 10K Beginner Programs help people transition from a run/walk to a run-only program by integrating both ChiRunning and ChiWalking techniques and principles.

Delivered in spiral bound books, these programs teach the revolutionary, injury-free ChiRunning method, while conditioning all levels of runners for 5K and 10K events.

All four programs are for anyone who is new to ChiRunning or anyone who wants to practice and improve their ChiRunning form:

  • 8-week 5K Beginner: This run/walk program is designed for people whose end goal is to run a 5K and are looking for a gradual approach to help them safely transition from a run/walk to a run-only program with proper technique.
  • 6-week 5K Intermediate: This program will help you run a more efficient, injury-free 5K. With this program, you’ll practice the form focuses to improve your running performance.
  • 10-week 10K Beginner: This 10-week program has two programs: A Run/Walk program for walkers transitioning to running and a run-only program, for beginning runners. Both programs are 10 weeks long, teach proper technique and keep you injury-free.
  • 8-week 10K Intermediate: Improve your running performance with technique-based training. You’ll be more efficient, prevent injuries and gain finesse with your running practice.

With the Injury-Free Training Programs, 5K and 10K events will no longer be feared events for anyone, but an opportunity to gain personal mastery and confidence. These programs take the guesswork out of training, combining the proven Chi Running technique with the safest and most effective training strategies for running a 5K or 10K. In a unique format, these programs teach the foundation of the Chi Running technique organized in manageable phases, including weekly lessons, one long distance form run each week to build aerobic and cardiovascular capacity, and a mastery phase where runners practice race-specific aspects of their event to achieve success.

The ChiRunning program has virtually changed the landscape of the sport of running and has made running accessible and appealing to people who had stopped running due to injury, who were intimidated by the difficulty and potential danger of running, who wanted to have a competitive edge, and for those who sought a spiritual component in their fitness program. More information about Chi Running can be found at

About Danny Dreyer

Danny Dreyer is the creator of ChiRunning® and ChiWalking®, revolutionary forms of moving that blend the subtle inner focuses of tai chi with running and walking. His work is based on his study of tai chi with Master Zhu Xilin and internationally renowned Master George Xu, and his 35 years of experience, running, racing ultra marathons and coaching people in “intelligent movement.” He has taught thousands of people the ChiRunning and ChiWalking techniques with profound results.

Dreyer has lived a lifestyle steeped in holistic living, meditation and personal wellness for over 30 years. Healthy eating, physical exercise and rejuvenating activities are mainstays in his life and the foundation of what he teaches. He has successfully completed 40 ultra-marathons since 1995. Danny’s first book, Chi Running: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-free Running, was released in April, 2004, by Simon & Schuster. An updated version was released May 2009. Chi Walking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy was released in March 2006.