(St. Louis, MO, Sept. 28, 2010) – Rx Systems PF is promoting breast-cancer awareness in September and October by displaying a pink ribbon on each product label and donating 10 percent of its Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Rx Systems PF’s Serum C contains the finest USP pharmaceutical grade L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) antioxidant available for skin-cell growth and collagen production necessary to repair tissues damaged by invasive breast-cancer surgery and treatment. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“It should be no surprise that breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and medication required post-breast cancer treatment create a large free radical burden on the body and skin, in addition to its negative impact on the immune system,” said RX Systems PF founder and dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Samuels. “The skin relies on antioxidants for protection against free radicals. Since the skin receives the most free radical assault from ultraviolet light exposure, cancer and the effects related to cancer treatment, replenishing and increasing the antioxidant defense of the skin becomes an attractive strategy for wound healing and photo-repair.

“The wound-healing ability of our Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C is related to its positive effect on collagen production and its antioxidant effect,” said Samuels. “Collagen requires vitamin C for hydroxylation which is a process that allows the collagen molecule to form a stronger molecular configuration. This stronger collagen molecule is needed to give support to the body and skin to enhance wound healing and to maintain healthy blood vessels. In other words, vitamin C protects small blood vessels and has a profound effect neutralizing the free radicals generated by a wound.”

Rx Systems PF’s Serum C, designed for all skin types and to use on any wound, is formulated with 20-percent L-ascorbic acid, other powerful antioxidants and advanced pH science. Applied directly on the skin following nightly cleansing, Serum C prevents premature signs of aging, lightens and brightens skin tone and helps accelerate the healing of skin. Samuels said users can expect to see some improvement within 30 days of beginning treatment.

“Once in the skin, studies show L-ascorbic acid stimulates collagen synthesis, provides sun protection and protects the skin by reducing free radicals which otherwise would destroy skin cells and its components,” Samuels said. “The clinical benefits of the antioxidant activity of our Age Defense Antioxidant Serum C improves skin texture, reduces brown spots, improves skin tone and decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps prevent their formation.”

Rx System PF’s Serum C is also packaged in a unique New Age Bloc™ Delivery System which ensures that the user’s last application will be as potent and effective as the first. L-ascorbic acid exposed to light and air oxidizes hourly and the so-called ‘reduced-air exposure containers and liposome delivery systems’ only slow down the process to a few days compared to Rx Systems PF’s new, innovative Age-Bloc Delivery System with its complete protection from light and air.

“To produce an effective vitamin C preparation, we use a temperature and light-controlled room and expel as much free oxygen from the single-use, individual serum packets as possible,” Samuels said. “When this process is completed, the serum is contained in our single use Age-Bloc Delivery System packet which is sealed in an air-tight fashion. The vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) with its optimal 20-percent free acid concentration and appropriate 2.6 pH can be kept in the Age-Bloc Delivery System almost without concern of oxidation since the packet offers permanent protection from light and air.”

Rx Systems PF® was established in 1996 by Dr. Lawrence E. Samuels, a board-certified dermatologist who saw the need for skin and hair care products that were easy to use, affordable and effective. Dr. Samuels developed the Rx Systems PF line of skin care products – a complete line of pH-balanced, glycolic complex-based products, retinols and moisturizers for the face and body. Rx Systems PF products are sold at selected retailers nationwide and online at www.rxsystemspf.com.