From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “A Gift from Hawaii: Lomilomi, by Mimi George, Ph.D., in the April 2009 issue. Article summary: Lomilomi is a Polynesian health discipline that unites spirit, heart and body. This unity invites healing from Ke Akua (the creator, God or higher power).

by Donna Jason

Lomilomi is the Hawaiian term for massage, making it a catchall for many variations of this beautiful art. Sacred Lomi has been developed from Temple Style lomilomi.

All forms of lomilomi have some key things in common. First and foremost is aloha, the joyful sharing of life’s energy in the moment. Also common to all forms are the loving, flowing strokes and the commitment to being fully present with the client. Like some Eastern healing modalities, Hawaiians see things in terms of energy flow.

There is a beautiful Hawaiian story that says we are all born as bowls of light. Slowly, life drops pebbles into our bowl and we must continually empty it to once again be filled with light. Lomilomi is designed to help us empty from past wounds, patterns and beliefs, so we can be rejuvenated and once again, filled with the light of our spirit.

This is achieved through loving movements that traverse above, below and around the body, guided intuitively by the practitioner. This unpredictable flow makes it difficult for the mind to follow, allowing recipients to delve into deep recesses of their being and receive. The nurturing, flowing runs also assist in bringing cellular memories to the surface to be healed and released.

Sacred Lomi embodies all of these principals, and in addition, invites the practitioner to recognize clients are ultimately drawn to you for you: your energy, your essence and your gifts. Sacred Lomi teaches practitioners how to offer Lomilomi sessions while also going on a healing journey themselves. The fundamental principal being we cannot offer others anything we have not first allowed ourselves to experience.

In addition, Sacred Lomi teaches balance; if a practitioner can learn how to receive as much as they give, they will not get burned out. Healthy boundaries, physically and energetically, play a key role. Ultimately Sacred Lomi is a deeply heart-centered, transformational approach to this powerful and ancient art that supports both client and practitioner to live with love, light and aloha.

Donna Jason is a writer, screenwriter and workshop facilitator. She has been teaching workshops with Tom Cochran since 1999. Cochran, a master Lomilomi practitioner, has been teaching worldwide since 1992. Together, they continue to offer workshops and retreats in Hawaii and throughout the U.S., providing CE’s through the NCBTMB. Their DVD, Sacred Lomi Volume One: The Back of The Body, is available through their Web site at