The number one mistake that start-up companies make in sales is targeting the wrong person, according to Bill Behnke, a serial sales manager for entrepreneurial firms.

Behnke, a member of the Council of Experts for Scott Public Relations, a PR and marketing company specializing in the healthcare, insurance and technology industries, lists the top seven sales mistakes made by start-up companies, in a new article, Sales Savvy for Start-Ups: Seven Mistakes to Avoid, posted on the SPR website,

Structuring the sale function for a new company is especially challenging in fields like healthcare, where the different benefits of a product will appeal to different decision-makers. If there are multiple decision-makers, the account needs to be ‘saturated’ to reach them with their respective compelling messages, says Behnke. Above all, attention must be focused on who will actually pay for the product “ who can make the decision to write the check.

Another common mistake is underestimating the power of public relations as a marketing tactic for new products and companies. I™ve seen how powerful PR can fill an entire sales pipeline for new products and services, noted Behnke. For a new company especially, PR cost-effectively creates the ‘buzz’ you need to get noticed.

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