Coconut Creek, FL-May 2, 2011 — Back School of Atlanta is the newest reseller of the leading text on injury prevention and self-care for manual therapists. Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists, 2nd Edition is relevant reading for the occupational health and safety professionals that are trained at, and associated with, Back School of Atlanta. Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition is now available on the Back School of Atlanta website at

Over 40,000 occupational health and safety professionals have been trained and certified by Back School of Atlanta since its inception in 1979. The school’s mission is to teach the importance of applying ergonomics principles and overall well-being to prevent injury and increase productivity. Co-author and publisher of Save Your Hands! 2nd Ed., Lauriann Greene, CEAS adds, “We’re very pleased that Back School of Atlanta wants to make the Save Your Hands! 2nd Edition textbook available to their ergonomics professionals. We appreciate their confidence in Save Your Hands!® to provide reliable, research-based injury prevention and ergonomics strategies to their students and graduates.”

Save Your Hands!® is dedicated to creating awareness of injury prevention and self-care among manual therapists to help reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders due to the physical stress of their daily work. As a multi-faceted company, Save Your Hands!® also provides information through its continuing education courses, training and consultation services, a Certified Injury Prevention Instructor (CIPI) program, publications and various social media platforms.

Save Your Hands!® is the most trusted name in self-care, injury prevention and ergonomics for manual therapists. For over 15 years, their critically-acclaimed textbook, courses and workshops have helped over 100,000 manual therapists and bodyworkers learn proven methods to protect their health and prolong their careers.

Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists,2nd Edition was co-authored , CEAS, a former massage therapist and Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist, and Richard W. Goggins, CPE, LMP, a certified professional ergonomist and massage therapist with over 17 years experience in occupational health and safety.


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