As of September 2009, Marina Kodi™ is welcoming their newest product: the Natural Body and Joint Rejuvenation Crème which truly helps relieve muscle and joint aches and pains – just one of the four stunningly effective Aromatherapy Crèmes from Marina Kodi™.

(PRWEB) September 14, 2009 — Whether you’re habitually tired, stressed, and tense, or you just need an occasional energizing boost, Marina Kodi™ has the all-natural herb-based solution for you.

Within the Marina Kodi™ selection of easy-to-use aromatherapy crèmes, everyone is sure to find the one to fit his or her needs.

Lacking motivation? The Marina Kodi™ Daily Energizer Crème will revive exhausted emotions and reduce stress, creating a sensation of wellbeing, relaxation, and peace, while inspiring a desire to achieve. And at the end of a long day, choose either the Relaxation Crème, which will melt away daily stress and tension to help create an immediate escape from all that pressure and concern, or the Natural Tension Relief Crème, which will calm those overwhelming emotions, ease tension, relax the back, neck and shoulders, and relieve frustrations. Just listen to Tami Koz from Mountain View, Ca, who said: “Natural Relaxation Crème is my favorite product. I had a terrible headache and after applying this creme to my forehead and eyebrows, my headache was completely gone. I never thought I could get rid of my headaches using a creme!”

And as of September 2009, Marina Kodi™ is welcoming the newest member of their Aromatherapy Crème family – the Natural Body and Joint Rejuvenation Crème. Those suffering from discomfort in their joints and limbs, those with muscle pain that precludes them from concentrating on work and hinders them from doing favorite activities, or those that have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, have found this is the crème they never want to leave home without. This luxurious, all-natural, herb-based crème will help relieve discomfort as you feel the healing power of these herbs encourage the self-healing and rejuvenation of the entire body, through and through.

Already, these crèmes have become known world-wide: Maria G from St. Petersburg, Russia says, “Surprised and surprised. Pain goes away. I have the lower back and neck problems but the Tension Relief magic touch cured everything away.” And Alfiya Karmenova from San Jose, Ca wrote in a product review, “I gave this creme to my sister because she has arthritis. After she had used it on her hands, her pain has significantly lessened. She was very happy with this product!”

Like all Marina Kodi™ products, the Aromatherapy Crèmes are made with the highest quality herbs from around the world, and do not contain any unsafe ingredients. Visit to see how the “sensational!”(Koz) products by Marina Kodi™ can help “Light Up and Heal Your Life”.