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Barral Institute

4521 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
Phone: 866-522-7725


Citing his development of Visceral Manipulation (VM), Jean-Pierre Barral was named one of TIME Magazine's Top Healing Innovators to watch in the new millennium.

Visceral Manipulation blends into all types of manual therapy practices.  Come explore this amazing modality and see what all the excitement is about.  Your clients will thank you!

Example of VM and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:


Visceral Manipulation assists with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to a mechanical connection. The brachial plexus are commonly put under tension via the ligaments that suspend the pleura from the cervical spine and from the neck of Rib 1. These ligaments include the costo-pleural, vertebral pleural, and the transverse pleural ligament. As an example, a patient may have abdominal restrictions of the stomach, liver, phrenico-colic ligaments (all of which attach directly to diaphragm). These restrictions can over time, via the diaphragm transmit their tensions to the pleura and pull it inferiorly. Also, via the aforementioned suspensory ligaments, they can restrict the brachial plexus (who lie on the pleural dome), whose nerves travel down the arm and through the carpal tunnel. 


Without addressing this important VM component, the client's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will recur.

Visceral Manipulation enhances your treatment outcomes:

  • 90% of all musculoskeletal disorders have a visceral component; VM is an answer to clients’ recurring pain.

  • Evaluation system that will take you to the core of your patient's pain and dysfunction.

  • A system to understand the interconnectedness of the body that will revolutionize your practice in a very profound way - expand into new areas or enhance your areas of specialization. 

  • Explore the importance of VM in such specialty fields as orthopedics, pediatrics, sports medicine, geriatrics and women’s health.
  • Your Assurance of Quality - 100% money-back guarantee on our seminars. 

  • Classes previously managed by the Upledger Insitute.

Seminars taught throughout the U.S., Canada and around the world.  A continuing education program with a 20-year history.


For a Free Seminar Study Guide Sampler got to  The Sampler includes actual pages from various seminar study guides providing you with additional insight to this key modality. 


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