2009-06-15 03:23:52 (GMT) (mesotheliomacancernews.com – Mesothelioma Press Release) Dallas, TX: Limitations of mesothelioma cancer treatments and the urge of finding remedies to prolong the life span and release the mesothelioma victim from pain have led to development of treatment and therapies which go beyond the tradition and conventional methods of treatments. These conventional treatment methods and the alternative therapies are explained below:

The conventional therapies:

The conventional treatment methods for mesothelioma, traditionally compose of the therapies of surgery, radiation and the chemotherapy. A short description of these therapies is as follows:

Surgical treatment: Includes different surgical procedures, such as the removal of the cancerous growth, or the removal of a part or the organ completely.

Radiation: The use of gama rays and x-rays are the basic features. Radio-active substances such as cesium, iridium and iodine are administered inside the body, either into the cancerous cells or into the blood stream to kill the infected cells and tumors.

Chemotherapy: This therapy comprises of different antioxidant dug, which are able to kill both the healthy and cancerous cells.

The alternative medicines:

This treatment consists of all sorts of non conventional medicines, comprising of herbs, vitamins, peptides, minerals, and other antioxidants, that occur freely in nature. When these alternative medicines are combined with the conventional therapies they are termed as ‘complimentary medicines’

More than two-thirds of the mesothelioma patients are using these alternative medicines, along with the usual treatment of conventional therapies, and have added comfort and better prognosis to their life.

The use of these medicines, should not be on the basis of self study and self medication, but should be taken only, on the advice of a medical practitioner.

Some of the popular alternative medicines, used, worldwide, are as follows:

Ukraine: As the name indicates, this medicine has taken its origin in Ukraine. It is a semi synthetic compound, derived from a common weed. It is used by the alternative medicine practitioners round the world. The cancerous cells stop growing. With a relief from pain and discomfort.

Iscador: It is an extract of a European species of mistletoe called Viseum Album. The iscador stimulates parts of the immune system in slowing the growth of the cancerous cells. The iscador medication is often combined with the conventional therapies for better results..

Avbemar: It is a wheat-gram extract. As an alternative medicine, it is used for boosting the immune system in fighting the cancerous cells.

Reduction of stress: Regular aromatherapy massage, yoga, tai chi, medication, relaxation techniques are a boon in lowering the stress.

Vitamins intake: Vitamin deficiencies increase the risk of the cancer infection.

Dietary supplements: Dietary stuff in the form of vitamins, minerals, herbs and fresh fruits and fruit juices, ranging from Gensing to fish oil, should be consumed for better survival and health.

Acupuncture: The acupuncture techniques have proved to be very effective. Patients find immediate relief in nausea and in the reduction of the body pains.

All these methods have not been internationally recognized, so far, but are widely in use. The process of alternative medicine is simply a psychological treatment with no side effects. 94 percent of these patients are psychological and the rest of the 6% are genetic.