Erik Dalton 2nd edition Myoskeletal TextbookErik Dalton’s revised bestseller offers fast, effective approaches to neck and back pain

Oklahoma City — The Freedom From Pain Institute announces the much-anticipated release of the second edition of Erik Dalton‘s classic Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques.

Revised and graphically enhanced, the new hardcover Pain, Posture and Performance edition preserves the integrity of Dalton’s original work and the work of his mentors, Ida Rolf, Philip Greenman and Vladimir Janda. Designed for working pain-management therapists, this comprehensive text incorporates deep-tissue, joint-stretching and muscle-energy techniques immediately applicable in any massage, chiropractic or sports-medicine practice.

Inspired by Janda’s upper- and lower-crossed syndromes, Dalton divides the book into two parts, allowing therapists to focus on the most dysfunctional areas of the body — the cervicothoracic and lumbopelvic junctions. Each section of the book addresses muscle imbalances and spinal biomechanics, along with soft-tissue treatments for common spine, rib-cage and sacroiliac joint fixations. The text teaches simple assessment strategies to help therapists quickly identify and correct the movement restrictions that perpetuate pain and protective muscle spasm in key pain-generating areas.

The book is set up so busy therapists can quickly refer to specific techniques between clients and patients.

With enhanced reader design and richer graphics, visual learners will appreciate the hundreds of anatomical illustrations and technique demonstrations that accompany the text. This handsome, 300-page second edition also includes contributions from respected manual therapists such as Thomas Myers, Phil Page, Mark Bookhout, Aaron Mattes, Daniel Christie, Geoffrey Bishop and Paul Kelly. Early reviews commend the new book as an essential addition to every manual therapist’s library.

“I strongly believe that Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques will transform the educational model of manual therapy for years to come. His newly released second-edition textbook is the perfect complement to the integrated orthopedic massage seminars I teach worldwide. Specializing in a single modality is simply not enough to address the complicated musculoskeletal problems in our industry today. I’m honored to call Erik Dalton my friend and mentor.”

—James Waslaski, international author and educator

Truly, Erik Dalton, you have given us the gift that keeps on giving! I’m excited to add this new Posture, Pain and Performance edition to your two other books I keep in my office waiting room. My repeat bookings have skyrocketed since I began incorporating Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques into my bodywork and corrective exercise practice.”

—Jill Ferguson, NCBTMB, NASM