cream-massage-kneeThere are so many reasons why it is important for massage therapists and bodyworkers to make time for their own appointments on the tables of colleagues and peers. First of all, touch therapists receiving touch therapy is a prime example of practicing what one preaches. Telling clients how important it is to receive massage therapy or bodywork on a regular basis tends to have a much stronger impact when the practitioner is taking his or her own advice.

Another key reason to book appointments to receive massage therapy or bodywork is because this can be crucial for self-care. Performing daily sessions of touch therapy is physically demanding, and spending time on someone else’s table can be a wonderful remedy for a busy week at work. This way, you can feel refreshed and better able to serve your own clients.

Look for ways to improve

There is yet another benefit of professional massage therapists and bodyworkers receiving sessions of touch therapy on a regular basis. Experiencing the way other practitioners offer their services can be a fantastic way for you to improve your own practice. In other words, by observing the overall practice and session from the eyes of a client, you can get great ideas for your own massage therapy or bodywork business.

Pay attention to the details

When you receive a session or touch therapy, try to pay attention to the details. For instance, notice whether the practitioner offers you a choice of massage cream and allows you to choose from several options. Observe the way the massage cream smells, how it feels on your skin during the session, and also how it feels after the session on your way home. This can allow you to gather some helpful data when it comes to your own massage cream and its effect on clients.

You may have an appointment with a bodyworker who does not offer you a choice when it comes to the massage cream he applies, but you may really enjoy the texture and light feel of the massage cream. You might notice that it does not feel sticky on your skin after you get dressed, and you might decide to ask him what brand of massage cream he is using and what he likes about it.

During a session with a different touch therapist, you may be delighted that she offers you a choice between an unscented massage cream and a massage cream that contains a blend of essential oils that are used to enhance a sense of calm and relaxation. If you typically use an unscented massage cream, you might decide to see what it is like to have a session that brings an element of aromatherapy in through the massage cream.

Another factor to pay attention to is whether your colleagues are letting their clients know about the benefits of various massage creams, and whether they are weaving this information into their practice menus. For example, you might be inspired by a bodyworker who builds themed sessions around massage creams, such as a pain-relief session or an aromatherapy session.