See Your True Colors Shine Through with Color Aromas for Balance, MASSAGE Magazine Press ReleasesLOS OSOS, CA (August 19, 2009) – Whirling a bit off-center or feeling lackluster lately? Conscious Colors puts a new spin on the ancient practice of feeling good through color therapy. Even Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used color therapy.

Color Aromas misters and oils provide “aromatic” colors that balance your chakras and create harmony in body, mind and spirit, utilizing your strongest sense–your sense of smell.

“Chakras, from the ancient teaching of yoga, are energy centers in your body responsible for healthy life force. A special harmony exists between your body and color energy. Each color affects each chakra in a unique and meaningful way,” explained Color Therapy guru Constance Hart, creator of Color Aromas. “The use of color as an energy source feeds your body with the distinct vibrations of energy that will help you to maintain a vibrant state of being.”

Based on how you’re feeling, which color do you need today? Color Aromas offers solutions:

First Chakra (root area)
Challenge: Uncentered, sluggish
Solution: Color Aromas red for energy

Second Chakra (sacral area)
Challenge: Impatient
Solution: Color Aromas orange for patience

Third Chakra (solar plexus area)
Challenge: Confused, unclear
Solution: Color Aromas yellow for clarity

Fourth Chakra (heart area)
Challenge: Off balance
Solution: Color Aromas green for balance

Fifth Chakra (neck area)
Challenge: Anxiety and agitation
Solution: Color Aromas pale blue for calming

Sixth Chakra (third eye – between eyebrows)
Challenge: Overwhelmed
Solution: Color Aromas royal blue for trust

Seventh Chakra (crown of head)
Challenge: Disconnected
Solution: Color Aromas deep violet for purpose

Introduced in 2001, Conscious Colors Color Aromas help people feel their best, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are available in 13 Color Energies: Chakra Oils for $18 each; Aura Misters for $20 each; or Complete Chakra Balancing Kits for $105.

Constance Hart, the pioneer of color aromatherapy in the U.S. and founder of Conscious Colors, is an internationally recognized certified color therapist and consultant. Color Aromas is available through Conscious Colors, practitioners and fine spas. For more details or to order product, visit