Finding a massage cream you love to use and actually look forward to using in the session room may seem a bit far fetched or over the top. However, when you take the time to figure out what can make a cream appealing, this concept becomes much more rooted in reality. Of course, how one defines “appealing” will depend on the individual massage therapist and his or her preferences.

Here are a few basic guidelines to get you started on the quest for a compelling cream.

Much of what it takes to find a massage cream you love tends to depend on personal tastes. So, to begin with, try to pin down what you might find most appealing. One great way to do this is to take a look at your current products and figure out what you really like about it, as well as what you may not like or what you think is missing.

For example, if you currently use a massage oil, you may feel completely satisfied by the level of slip this lubricant offers during each session, yet you may also feel bummed out by the fact that you need to reach for a different product when it’s time to do deeper or more focused work on a specific region of the client’s body. In this case, by being aware of these observations, you would be pinpointing your desire for a cream that can offer you the right amount of both glide and friction, all in one product.

In fact, the texture and application of a massage cream can be the most important factor when it comes to determining which product will be most appealing to you as a professional MT or bodyworker. The goal here may be to find a cream that feels as if it is assisting you in the application of your techniques, while also enhancing the way a session feels, both during and after, for each of your clients.

Ingredients come in a close second as far as the role they can play in determining whether you will find yourself looking forward to using your massage cream.

For many MTs, a cream that contains a synthetic fragrance — or any synthetic ingredients at all — may be a deal-breaker for some creams. If this is the case for you, be sure to search each ingredient label and figure out whether the cream is made from natural components.