I am always saddened to read about the death of a physician from a preventable disease or condition. With all their knowledge and resources, why did this happen?

I have the same perspective on massage therapists. We encourage our clients to manage their stress and their health with regular massage, yet many of us forget to avail ourselves of the same care.

One of the questions on our group practice employment form asks therapists to date when they last received a massage. Too many answer, “When I was in massage school.”

I encourage all my students, independent contractors, and peers to take advantage of the massage therapy opportunities in our community when taking care of themselves. I personally learn so much from every massage I receive, whether it is from a student or a seasoned therapist.

Massage schools offer student clinics and would love to receive the feedback a seasoned therapist could offer. Or perhaps a therapist in your community would be willing to do a trade.

And getting massages from colleagues has a side benefit: Book a massage with a modality outside your training to see what others are doing to help their clients. Know of a new therapist in town? Book a massage with him or her and introduce yourself. Networking is a powerful tool.

Massage is a powerful component to good health for all of us, not just our clients!

So when WAS your last massage?

— Stephanie Manriquez, AAS, LMT, NBCTM, is the current chair of the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists, the vice chair of the NCB’s CE Approved Provider Committee, education director of Massage Now Learning Institute, past state delegate to the FSMTB, part-time instructor at COCC massage therapy program, and owner of Massage Now, Massage Now East, and Massage Now Sunriver, www.massagenow.org.