Alternative health iPhone app ($0.99 cents at iTunes App Store), created by the Co-Founder of (Meridian Tapping Techniques Professional Network), is a self help tool that teaches users an alternative health method based on ancient Chinese medicine to reduce or eliminate negative emotions and issues that are upsetting them

Chandler, AZ (PRWEB) October 7, 2009 — Joe Oliver, Advanced and Progressive MTT Professional and Co-Founder of Meridian Tapping Techniques Professional Network (, has created the first and original interactive, virtual tapping professional, “My Photon Buddy” or as it has been dubbed: “The Tap App” – a self help iPhone application available to download at Apple’s iTunes store. Mr. Oliver has worked with thousands of people and has over an 85% success rate for helping them relieve or resolve issues that may be upsetting them. He created “The Tap App” so that more people can take self help, literally, into their own hands, with this do-it-yourself iPhone app. It can be downloaded at the iTunes App store for $0.99 cents by searching for “Tap” or “My Photon Buddy.”

A review for The Tap App exclaims, “great graphics of tapping” and it appears that the graphics work well for the Chinese medicine based app, geared for educational and entertainment purposes. Using an alternative health method, “meridian tapping technique,” the 3D characters guide users on how and where to actually tap with two fingers on acupressure points (also called “meridian points,” hence the name “meridian tapping”) on the user’s own face and body. By user’s tapping on their own meridian points and saying phrases that they learn on the iPhone App, users harness ideas from ancient Chinese medicine and find relief from, or resolve issues that may be upsetting them.

This revolutionary iPhone app is still in its infancy (expect updates, the producers are looking for funding), yet this app already has four 3D interactive characters to choose from; two adults and two tween-aged characters who teach users how to feel better. Think: the jerk at work that stole your promotion, over-worrying, or how to deal with the overwhelming and unpredictable economy. The negative emotions that go along with issues like these are what The Tap App targets to eliminate, allowing for an improved quality of life.

As an alternative health iPhone app, the Tap App utilizes Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in combination with the predominant methods of Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT), as well as an interactive “mood bar,” known in the health and psychology world as a SUDs rating (Subjective Units of Disturbance Scale). Anyone who is interested in energy medicine, wellness, self help or natural healing will want to check it out at Apple’s iTunes store. At only .99 cents for its first release, it beats other self help tools and self help books on the market in price, convenience (it’s in your pocket, downloaded on your iPhone) and 3D graphics. The producers say that once they receive more funding, the app will have improved vocals, a game, and quicker access to the actual tapping by giving users the ability to skip some of the instructions.

MTT Professionals have good things to say about The Tap App including’s review, “What a cool, cutting-edge app! I’ve been using meridian tapping techniques for 8 years and this is an awesome tool for beginners! It’s fun, clever and easy to use. Great for kids too.” The creator of The Tap App made sure there were adolescent characters in the first release, and plans to expand into more kid-friendly versions.

Why are some calling “The Tap App” iPhone app revolutionary?

For the first time on a mobile or smart phone device, The Tap App delivers a 3D alternative health virtual professional, allowing users to learn the self-applied meridian tapping techniques, touted as the best self help tool on the planet. (Works with the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch).

Joe Oliver is an MTT Professional, and is Co-Founder of He has helped thousands of people using Meridian Tapping Techniques. Joe teaches Meridian Tapping Techniques via and created My Photon Buddy (aka The Tap App) iPhone App for educational and entertainment purposes. Follow My Photon Buddy on twitter. Always consult a physician for any medical issues.