Following a wonderful massage or bodywork session, many clients have stated their desire to stay resting comfortably on the table, soaking in all the comfort and relaxation of such focused hands-on healing. Unfortunately for these blissed-out clients, the massage therapist or bodyworker typically has other clients to serve and will quietly advise the one on his or her table to take their time, but to get up and get dressed.

Of course, there are certain spas and practice spaces where clients can be ushered into another relaxing setting for continued rest and basking in the serenity of a much needed massage. This, however, is far from the standard, so the majority of massage therapy and bodywork clients may end up wishing there was some way to make the feelings associated with hands-on healing last as long as possible.

It is true that you can’t send your own skills home with a client, but there are ways to give clients tools to take care of themselves at home the way you help take care of them on your table. One of the best possible ways to extend the serenity of the session room past your practice doors is by selling some of the products you use—products you believe can and will help your clients.

Massage therapists and bodyworkers who may feel uncomfortable selling products at their practices must understand that if these products can benefit clients, and they are quality products, there is nothing wrong with offering them outside your session room. The items should be those that are relevant to your work and expertise as a massage therapist or bodyworker.

For example, you may wish to sell essential oils and candles you use in your session room, or perhaps you have a collection of relaxation music you believe could help your clients relax and unwind at home.

The best place to begin your foray into retail is most likely with your massage creams. Especially if you use specific types of massage creams that are manufactured to meet specific client needs, you should have a hot product on your hands. The beauty of selling a massage cream you believe in is that everybody wins—you make more money and the client is able to take a piece of the healing home.

From massage creams that contain pain-relieving ingredients to massage creams that offer an element of aromatherapy, there are so many different products that could appeal to your clients. There is a good chance you already have a couple massage creams in mind—the ones you use in your session room.

Do not be shy about telling your clients why you choose to use a certain massage cream, and how they stand to benefit from the topical application of this cream. For example, if a client presents with tight, aching hamstrings, you may choose to apply a massage cream with menthol for enhanced pain relief.

Let your client know what you are doing and what kind of massage cream you are using. Next time she sees this brand on display in your office, she may be more inclined to pick up a bottle.

–Brandi Schlossberg