When sensitive skin keeps you from pampering and protecting it, don’t give up. Try out a brand that is on a whole new level of natural: Sevani Botanica.

Sevani’s product line is formulated by a licensed holistic aesthetician that has spent more than 20 years in the all-natural beauty business. Founder and developer Sheryl Gibbs has seen the corporate beauty world shutting out consumers who want a truly natural product that works. Take a closer look at that organic body product before slathering it on, and compare with Sevani’s eco-friendly, vegan, nontoxic, and chemical- and cruelty-free formulas.

With Sevani’s beauty products, even the most temperamental skin types can enjoy the benefits of luxurious crèmes, serums and cleansers that heal and maintain a healthy glow. Their innovative blends have completely eradicated chemical preservatives and synthetic scents that other organic brands still use, and harkened back to pure organic nutrients, ayurvedic botanicals and cutting-edge cosmeceutical grade actives.

From breakouts to rashes and headaches, sensitivity can strike in a number of ways and result in consumers ignoring the needs of their skin. Sevani’s Ageless Radiance Refining AHA Cleanser is formulated to be a gentle solution that works to solve dull complexions and discoloration for all skin types. A blend of natural cell renewing agents and anti-inflammatory botanicals cleans deep without stripping away nutrients. Gently massage the creamy cleanser in and rinse, or use as a masque twice weekly to refine skin texture and minimize imperfections.

Anti-aging formulas don’t have to be composed of manmade chemicals. Instead, look to the purity and lasting beauty of nature for a solution to age spots, crow’s feet and unbalanced complexions. Serum Vitale Essential Nutrient Oil uses a synergistic blend of antioxidant and vitamin-rich organic and wildcrafted oils to promote hydration, firming and cell regeneration.

End the reign of dark circles and bags under the eyes by adding Sevani’s Eye Repair Age Defying Eye Crème to a daily care regimen. Helpful peptides and botanicals reduce lines and puffiness while the antioxidant CoQ10 and caffeine minimize circles by toning and tightening. Like all of Sevani’s special blends, it’s free of alcohol, waxes, synthetic ingredients and chemical preservatives, so the skin is getting only what nature intended.

Sevani is dedicated to contributing a portion of their proceeds to animal welfare organizations that exemplify the animal and eco-friendly message of their own brand. In addition, they are a Certified Leaping Bunny cruelty-free company and PETA-approved.

For additional information, visit www.sevanibeauty.com.