Earning continuing education credits from home is a solution that appeals to many of today’s massage therapists and bodyworkers, whether driven by the need for more convenient scheduling or access to specific CE providers.

Here, we will explore several of the benefits that can come from earning your next round of continuing education credits from the comfort of your own home or office.

Convenience may be the number one word used to describe why home-based continuing education of all kinds has become so popular, not only in the realm of massage therapy and bodywork, but also in professions of all kinds. This convenience stems from the fact that one can “attend” the course from pretty much any computer with an Internet connection, allowing for mobility and portability.

Let’s explore an example of why such convenience may be so important to today’s busy massage therapists and bodyworkers.

Imagine the massage therapist who has a full-time practice and is also the mother of two children. This practitioner may not feel she has a whole lot of time to commute to an in-person class, even if that class happens to be taking place nearby. With the option of home-based continuing education, she could squeeze in her classes, homework and tests as her schedule allows, rather than conforming her packed calendar to the more rigid schedule of an on-site continuing education course.

Whether this means getting up an hour early to squeeze in some learning or listening to a lecture on her smart phone as she waits to pick her kids up from school, the scheduling convenience of such home-based education is obvious.

Another big reason home-based CE may be so popular, especially among massage therapists and bodyworkers, is because these classes allow those who may live in more remote locations to gain access to top teachers. In other words, a pioneer of a certain form of massage therapy or bodywork may hold in-person seminars only on cruise ships or within large metropolitan areas. This means travel — and all the associated expenses — for any practitioner who does not live in or around those big cities.

However, with so many of these leading teachers creating home-based courses, it is now possible for massage therapists and bodyworkers around the globe to “attend” these classes, gaining skills and insight from top instructors. This gives practitioners more options when it comes to enrolling in classes, so they no longer need to settle for a continuing education course that does not stoke their enthusiasm, simply because that is the course that happens to be taking place nearby.

In the end, the convenience of home-based continuing education also translates to dollars and cents. Taking these classes from home can mean not only less money spent on travel costs, but also more time available for taking clients and earning income.