MM_seasonsFrom having a set time each month to deep clean your session room, to evaluating and ordering new massage creams, there are many benefits come with having a good routine. However, it may be helpful to break the mold every now and then to avoid falling into a rut or burning out.

A simple way to change up your routine is to pay attention to seasons, both to have four times per year to really evaluate your products and services and to use as inspiration for session themes.

For example, you may have a massage cream you’ve been using for a while because it allows you to perform your techniques in an optimal manner and does not seem to irritate your clients. While it is great to have a go-to massage cream, using the same product day in and day out can mean missing out on other products that might add value to your services. Using the seasonal strategy, you can take a look at new products on the market at the beginning of each season.

You may even want to choose your massage creams based on the conditions of each season. For instance, if winter is right around the corner, you might want to look for products that contain more moisturizing ingredients for dry skin.

You can also look into products with essential oils to bring seasonal aromas into the session room. During the summer, this could be a massage cream with tropical ingredients, such as coconut oil and flower extracts, and in the fall, you might want to find a cream that has a pumpkin scent.

Picking new massage creams to use on a seasonal basis may motivate you to spruce up your menu of services for the season, as well. With the right massage cream, you can create a tropical massage session for the summer season and transition into a holiday theme for the winter.

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